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Summary table of offers
Circle 1: higher education (universities, schools)

The consortium : the Ikigai project is based on an expanding consortium formed
currently around thirty partners (universities, grandes écoles, laboratories,
two INSPEs, game development studios, museums, EdTech startups, associations).

Visual Summary table of offers Ikiigai.jpg
Summary table of offers Ikiigai.jpg

The additions of the Ikigai project compared to the existing one : Ikigai starts from the observation of several problems, and brings solutions to them: Developing a digital quality solutions on a large scale is too expensive for a structure. A national network pooling resources and content makes it possible to overcome this problem. Many of the existing educational games are less good than those in the industry because pilot teams struggle to assemble the skills necessary for quality production. Ikigai responds by setting up a team made up of professionals from the gaming industry, capable of supporting the development of games with each partner, as well as project planning, setting up funding files, and recruiting teams. The budgets necessary for these developments are often underestimated by the pilot teams: the Ikigai team can build with each partner realistic budgets covering all the activities necessary for the development of a quality game.

The structure of the Ikigai project makes it possible to disseminate at an unprecedented level all the productions of the actors of the network, and beyond, to the entire French population, with a view to public service affecting the entire territory. In the medium term, it therefore aims for priority promotion among all 8.4 million French secondary and higher education students, in addition to the general public.

Our partners

Installing the solution

Installation of the solution in your structure: LRS and connection to your authentication system.

Annual membership of the consortium

Member services:

• Access to all games (total value as of January 2022: ~€600k).

• Access to all the tools developed by the consortium (value as of January 2022: ~400 k€).

• Collection of solution usage data by members of your establishment in your LRS.

• Maintaining the solution.

• The services are available for one year from the date of formalization of membership, at the request of the partner structure.

Hosting on the Ikigai & Data collection system

The Ikigai team integrates the Learning Analytics system into your game.

The game is available on the Ikigai website and highlighted via a dedicated page.

Before production: support in drafting the financing file

1 man-week of support for writing the entire file, with complete budgeting of the project, with the aim of submitting a financing file for the development of a game.

During production: support for team recruitment & game design

• Recruitment of the specialized video game development team: 1 week

• Project reviews with your development team at 3 key stages: 1 week

Direct involvement of the team in the development of your game

Our staff (graphic designer, developer, game designer, etc.) works directly on your game to provide operational support to your team. Service available to iterate on your already produced games, or contribute to the development of a new game, or even have the entire game developed by the Ikigai team.

The price increases from 9 to 7 k€ / man-month if the entire development is entrusted to the Ikigai team.

Access to game data

Access to aggregated and anonymized game data. If a publication is made about a game of which you are not the developer, co-publication will be requested with the establishment developing the game.

In all cases, you have full access to the data in your LRS relating to your students.

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