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Terms of membership
Circle 1: higher education (universities, schools)

• Membership in the association represents an annual contribution of 4k€. This entitles you to:

- the use of all the games and tools already existing in the consortium's assets,

- access to game usage data,

- hosting your games on the Ikigai site.

• Ikigai proposes game projects to its partners, that can be developed in partnership on the basis of a grant. In order not to constitute unfair competition towards private players in the game, any development supported by the Ikigai team will take place in the form of a partnership, requiring the provision of games developed on the Ikigai platform and the available game sources for partners.

Details of benefits to members - Higher education

Installing the solution

Installation of the solution in your structure: LRS and connection to your authentication system.

Annual consortium membership

Member services:

• Access to all games (total value as of January 2024: ~1.2M€).
• Access to all the tools developed by the consortium (value as of January 2024: ~800 k€).
• Collection of data on the use of the solution by members of your establishment in your LRS.
• Maintaining the solution.
• The services are available for one year from the date of formalization of membership, at the request of the partner structure.

Hosting on the Ikigai website & Data collection system

The Ikigai team integrates the Learning Analytics system into your game.
The game is available on the Ikigai website through a dedicated page.

Before production: support in writing the financing file

Support for writing the entire file, with complete budgeting of the project, in the aim of submitting a funding file for the development of a game.

During production: support for recruitment team & game design

• Recruitment of the specialized video game and educational game development team to complete your teams
• Project reviews with your development team at 3 key stages with a key player in the video game industry

Game development in partnership with the Ikigai team

Our staff (artists, developers, game designers, etc.) works directly on a serious game to be co-constructed with your scientific experts and experts in educational innovation to support your team operationally.

Access to game data

Access to aggregated and anonymized game data. If a publication is made about a game of which you are not the developer, co-publication with the establishment that developed the game will be requested. In any case, you have full access to the data in your LRS relating to your students.

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