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Educational video games for higher and school education, cultural, civic, scientific and artistic mediation, and to bring together professional actors in lifelong learning and culture.

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FlashCards by Ikigai

Make your revision more effective in any subject with spaced repetition!

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Outsmart the fake news and lies of your opponents to prevent the plot that threatens Neo-Sorbonne!

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Arausio - 01 - Theater logos MC.jpg


Explore the Orange Theater and learn about Roman antiquity!

Thumbnail Arausio - 02 - Theater.jpg
Arausio - 03 - Caius Aurius.jpg
Climat_Tic_Tac - Award-winning Screen_02.jpg

Climate Tik Tak

Fight climate change together!

Climate_Tic_Tac - Screen_01.jpg
Climate_Tic_Tac - Screen_04.jpg
Masters_Quiz_Vignette with pastille.jpg

Use this quiz on all disciplines to challenge your friends, revise... and have fun!

Masters Quiz!

05 - Masters Quiz - Victory.jpg
Let us in - Screenshot 03.jpg
Let us in - Screenshot 05.jpg

Let Us In!

Act now to make digital technology open to everyone!

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Discover advanced learning techniques in this student life simulation game!

NeuroBoost - 01.jpg
NeuroBoost - 04.jpg


Discover the elements of Mendeleiev's periodic table and the lives of many female scientists!

Thumbnail Run for your Info - Banner 01.jpg

Find your info

Publish the right information, and avoid fake news!

Vignette Run for your Info - Cards 02.jpg
2 - Stranger Fields - Battle - S6 (1).jpg

Stranger Fields

Destroy Earth aboard your black hole-generating spaceship!

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5 - Stranger Fields - Victory - S6.jpg
vignette Waterline.jpg

Solve hydraulic puzzles that get ever more complex!


05 - Waterline - Gameplay 3.png


Learn everything about the differences between copyright licences, and choose the right one!

Blockchain Battle - Screenshot (9).jpg

Blockchain Battle

Discover how blockchain works through a thrilling inquiry!

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Blockchain Battle - Screenshot (5).jpg
The Kingdom of Istyald - Dialogue Logo BNF.jpg

Kingdom of Istyald

Immerse yourself in an adventure worthy of the best fantasy novels.

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The Kingdom of Istyald - Forest - City of Elves.jpg
LearningScape - 10.jpg
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LearningScape - 02.jpg


Join Camille in this dreamlike escape room to discover education science.

05 - The Quantum Prisoner .jpg
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03 - The Quantum Prisoner.jpg

The Quantum Prisoner

Solve all the scientific puzzles to uncover the truth!

Spectrowave - 06.png
thumbnail Spetrowave.jpg
Spectrowave - 03.png


Build complex light measuring devices and put them to the test by making different laser beams pass through them!

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