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Climat Tic Tac at the International Simulation and Gaming (ISAGA) 2023 conference

Ikigai will be at the conference International Simulation and Gaming (ISAGA) 2023 organized by the Université de la Rochelle. Together with the Institut Pierre-Simon Laplace, we will be presenting the Climat Tic Tac video game we have developed in partnership. We're proud to be able to exchange ideas with the research community and the general public at this prestigious international event!

Climat Tic Tac is a cooperative game designed by the Institut Pierre-Simon Laplace to raise awareness of adaptations to climate change. It has been produced as a board game by Bioviva and as a video game by Ikigai (available free of charge on our website).

unded in the 70s, ISAGA is one of the oldest communities of people involved

involved in gaming and simulation. Its members have a vast knowledge and tradition in the development and use of simulation, gaming and related methods. Today, the community brings together researchers and practitioners from the fields of management, social and environmental sciences, education, planning and technical sciences. It studies the design, facilitation and debriefing methods, as well as evaluation protocols for games and simulations. The conference covers a wide range of types of game use, such as serious games for educational purposes, political games and simulation exercises to help decision-makers, haptic games or board games to help groups take collective action, interactive installations or gamified environments to raise awareness, and much more, in a powerful mix to produce spaces for multilogue exchange and communication around complex issues involving human beings and their environment.

This year's conference focuses on "Simulation and games for social and environmental transitions". In addition to this main theme, the conference will cover many other topics related to simulation and games.

Seront présentés :

- Auprès du domaine de la recherche, le 4 juillet : une présentation de recherche de 20mn sur l'initiative Climat Tic Tac, sa version jeu de société (Bioviva) et jeu vidéo (Ikigai), par les équipes de l'IPSL et d'Ikigai.

- Auprès du grand public, le 5 juillet, en partenariat avec la médiathèque Michel-Crépeau : un stand de présentation de Climat Tic Tac et d'Ikigai.

Chercheurs, chercheuses, joueurs et joueuses, nous aurons plaisir à vous retrouver à ces deux occasions !


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