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FlashCards by Ikigai, the campaign

All the power of FlashCards for learning purposes

Dear fellow teachers,

Our fruitful collaboration with the University of Lille now enables us to offer you the FlashCards by Ikigai application. We're very proud to offer you the possibility of editing packs of flashcards to help your students assimilate the knowledge you provide. Our application is based on neuroscience to help students revise effectively and retain content over time (and not just for exams). Installed on their smartphones, Flashcards by Ikigai makes it easy to study on the move and offline.

We invite you to discover and take advantage of this highly effective tool to implement it in your teaching as soon as possible, starting next semester if possible. You will find :

  • A flyer presenting the benefits that teachers and students can derive from this powerful revision tool based on neuroscience knowledge.

  • A description of the application, listing the features that make it a pedagogical tool that meets the specific needs of higher education.

  • The application download page on the website for Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS.

  • The press kit for your communications departments

A video training session has already been scheduled

December 7, 9am to 11am

Further training courses will take place from early 2024..

We hope that this application, which can be deployed on a large scale, will convince you of its usefulness, all the more so as behind these games there is a huge educational research challenge that will be enabled by the collection of usage data in compliance with the RGPD of course. A scientific council on which our establishment is represented ensures the ethical use of this data for research and drives a dedicated research program aimed at offering ever more effective support services to students and teachers. Yours sincerely

Bertrand Laforge

President of Games For Citizens

Professor of Physics at Sorbonne University

Co-produced with

Supported by


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