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A new generation

of educational video games

in service of

the general interest

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Ikigai is the first production and research center in gamification on a national scale supported by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, the Ministry of National Education, and the Ministry of Culture. 

Discover the Ikigai project by downloading its presentation document.

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serving a new generation of video games.

All skills


Collaboration and mutualization

as a means of producing quality digital content.

Big data and artifical intelligence

in the service of education.


Digital gaming at the service

of your structure.

of a sustainable strategy



for cultural and scientific subjects.


at the service of your projects.

A methodology


Our partners' opinion


French world leader in video games

"Everything that will be done on Ikigai will be an inspiration. It's a way to bring useful diversity into the video game offer, and independent initiatives always end up influencing the mainstream industry. We consider Ikigai as a way to bring out new branches of our industry. »

O. Dauba, editorial VP at Ubisoft

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